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Whitwell Station Remembers

A group of about 40 people came to a memorial on Marriott’s Way near Whitwell Station today.

Reverend Keith Rengert led a short service of remembrance.

A number from the British Legion Bikers’ Division attended with a standard bearer, along with many people from Reepham and members of Whitwell & Reepham Railway Preservation Society.

Two minutes silence was observed at 11:00 and a wreath was laid by Ray Meek, for Whitwell Station and a second on behalf of the Bikers.

Although regular users of Marriott’s Way were familiar with the marble monument pictured below, its existence came as a surprise to the general public.  The monument features the names of each battle of WWI.  It is hoped that the memorial will be officially recognised now and although today was organised, almost spontaneously, plans for next year are already being made for the Saturday of remembrance weekend.