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We are always looking for volunteers, most of the volunteers ask the same questions, so hopefully the following will help.

Whats the age to volunteer?
We have volunteers from 10 years old to over 80, If you are under 14 then we will need to organise a responsible adult to be your mentor.

How long do I have to help for?
We work round you – If you can only help for a few hours a month then fine. We can find you a role/task which will fit your hours you want to volunteer for. We have several volunteers who are on site most days.

What about my skills?
We are always on the look out for particular skills – but even if you don’t have any, we can always find a job to suit you.

What do I get out of it?
Hopefully, a sense of achievement, friendship with other volunteers, and copious amounts of free tea or coffee!

What areas are there to work
We have the obvious areas: track laying, signaling, engine maintenance, painting, bricklaying, electricians – but don’t forget all the ‘backroom’ people: catering, event organising, marketing, office administration, sales. If you have skills in any of these areas, then great we want you!

Can I be trained in any area I don’t know?
Whilst we don’t have any formal training programs at this time, we are more than happy to help people learn new areas of experiences if we have the manpower available.

OK I want to volunteer how do go ahead?
You will need to download the volunteer form in the downloads section, fill it out and send it in, we will then contact you and arrange a meeting on site to show you around and give you a safety talk on the railway and introduce you to other volunteers.

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  1. ingrid.henry2

    hi there we have just join up to be a member would my 9 year boy be to young to be a volunteer her is also special needs but is very interest in trains and how they work and loves coming to your station our do you ever offer a weekend for special needs children as lots of these special children love trains thanks for today easter sunday we had a fab day kind regards ingrid henry

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