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Spreading more than a little happiness at Whitwell & Reepham Station

The Coronation comes to Whitwell & Reepham Station on June 9 when elderly residents of homes run by Norse Care will be immersed in a play presented by the Seagull Theatre Group.


The action involves a family preparing for its coronation street party in 1953. The clothes and the songs are authentic, and there are tea and cakes that the audience gets to share with the cast in a street party of their own.


People who have seen the play vouch for it looking, sounding and tasting like the real thing, their own street parties, and the experience of sharing the celebrations with family and neighbours over 60 years ago. “It was just wonderful,” says Vicky Cowap from Norse Care, “the atmosphere and the opportunity to sing a lot of the songs.”


In the cast is broadcaster Helen McDermott whose involvement with the Alzheimer’s Society led to the play being staged. “It helps evoke long-term memories,” she says. “This type of memory tends to be stronger than short-term recollection.


The memories of the audience on June 9 will gain an even more potent stimulus than jelly, jam and Spam when the sound and scent of a real steam locomotive become part of the action.


There will two shows, the first at 14:00 and second at 16:30 with a ticket price of £6 which can be booked online on this website

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