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Class 117 DMBS 51370 and DMS 51412

The Class 117 set at the Railway was originally made up of DMBS 51370, TCL 59522, DMS 51412 and was delivered new to Reading depot in 1960, as the set RDG 320. Where it stayed until 1972 when the set was transferred to a depot in London being repainted into British rail all over blue livery, with the new set number L466 which it kept until changing set number again to L432 in 1976. In 1981 the set was still London based as L432 but repainted into British rail blue and grey livery. The set was then transferred to Bristol and gained the set number B432 the B standing for Bristol just like the L standing for London the set stayed based at Bristol until 1990 when it was transferred to the famous DMU depot Tysley (TS). Where the set still retained it blue and grey livery but gaining the set number T307 the T standing for Tysley. In 1993 when the sets centre car was withdrawn and the two power cars became set 117207. In 1994 the power cars were withdrawn and stored in the Tysley DMU scrap line.

Purchased in 1994, the same year of withdrawal, by Steve Organ and moved to the Chasewater Railway. Repainted into BR green with small yellow panel livery, the centre car was purchased by someone at the battlefield Railway where it joined one of their DMU set before being sold in 1999 to the Chasewater Railway. It stayed stored until 2018 when it was sold to the Great Central Railways Ruddington section where it now resides. Meanwhile the power cars were sold on again in 2007 to Titley junction railway where DMBS 51370 was put into storage still retaining the green and yellow panel livery and DMS 51412 was used as hauled stock also having been repainted into green with speed whiskers. Over the year 51370 had parts sold off as it was predicted to be scrapped by its current owner. Until it was sold to the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway in 2017 who planned to revive it to make up a second DMU set and pair it with another 117 DMBS. However in early 2018 the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway decided to put 51370 up for sale when it was purchased by Paul Hughes who won the bidding and moved it to the Whitwell and Reepham Railway. Currently resides under going an overhaul and eventual return to 1970s All over BR blue condition with the set number L432. As for 51412 that was sold too in 2018 may time where it was also purchased by Paul Hughes and moved to Whitwell and Reepham Railway where it was to be reunited with its partner. Requiring less work 51412 entered traffic pretty much straight away with minor mechanical and body work to get it back into running condition. The same overhaul and livery is planned for 51412 once 51370 is complete then the two cars will be run as two car DMU seeing out a happy retirement at Whitwell and Reepham Railway.