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Application for Railway Track to be relaid in front of Whitwell Station

You may know that we have an application in progress with Broadland District Council for planning permission to put track from points on our land to the platform in front of the station (on the station building side of Marriott’s Way) a short distance of three hundred metres, mostly where it is double track bed.

We have a petition to hand in, in support of this which contains many thousands of signatures – counting them is in progress as I write, but it would be helpful if you could go onto Broadland Council’s Website and write a few words on our behalf.

I ask this as at the moment they have only received a few letters/e-letters in support but quite a few from local folk who are objecting.

If this application is successful, this will give wheelchair users/those who have trouble climbing steps to our existing platform, buggies, children etc a much easier way to mount the train as well as being historical for as you know we wish to restore Whitwell to how things used to be.

So, to do this
1 Enter Broadland District Council’s site
2 Click on ‘housing and planning’ on the left hand side
3 Under search put the application number – 20151939.
4 If this search fails – just use 20151% and it brings up a list to choose from (I had to do this myself and found it on page 2).
5 Follow the instructions which were quite easy, remembering to select ‘support’.